Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MockNomination for Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen

Humor is perhaps the most personally-appreciated of any genre. This book, however, stands out in its “interpretation of theme or concept.” It is a parody of many threads and layers, each one drawn beyond the breaking point—yet they don’t break. Every word is choice, even when that word is “AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRHHHHHHOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA- RRRRRRRRRRR” in 42 point type. The barest of narratives is in itself a parody, and allows for a memorable cast and lots of innuendoes, not all of which need to be understood for the book to still be stellar-funny. The coda-like ending takes all that ridiculosity and turns it into a surprisingly complex and heartfelt comment on friendship at a time of preadolescence. It’s understandable to young readers because of the adventures that transpire before…and so which turn out to not only be parody, but allegory. Now that’s “distinguished.”


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