Saturday, June 03, 2006

What is a Mock Newbery?

It's not a dish, though it sounds delightful. Something with pastry and flames?

At a Mock Newbery discussion and election, participants who have read a selected list of 8-10 books gather and pretend to be the real Newbery committee, using the award's criteria to discuss each books' merits against the others, and submit weighted votes to come up with a winner. The particular fun of it is to try and identify 8-10 books that are real potentials for the award, and to see how your results match the actual committee's. The actual Newbery committee makes it's decision in January, and it's "shortlist" is forever secret, so there's a lot of guesswork. Check out the Newbery Homepage (on the link list) for all the details!

Continue to send titles. I'll start posting a cummulative list soon.


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